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Some time ago, we wrote a post on s-commerce (you know, the use of social networks as a vector of business for brands). Today, we stop on a technology that is Finland Phone Number List causing a lot of noise at the moment: voice assistants. You often know them as Alexa, Siri or Google Home. These objects have invaded our daily lives. What could be more normal then for brands to position themselves on this new growth lever! Decryption and challenges of this new technology.

According to a Conversational study, 30% of web browsing will be done without a screen by 2020 and half of Google searches will be done by voice. Suffice to say Finland Phone Number List that brands must seize the subject now! Voice search is already used by 58% of French households. A growing success but which nevertheless varies according to the generations. Indeed, 18-24 year olds and 25-34 year olds, more inclined to new technologies, are respectively 71% and 68% to have already carried out a voice search.

For now, its use is mainly for practical issues: store opening hours, customer comments or address. Again, age has a direct influence on expectations. 46% of 45-54 year olds prefer the location and 54% the menu of a restaurant, for example when 18-24 year Finland Phone Number List prefer the rating given to a product, service or brand (58%). For their part, those aged 65 and over are 34% to think that none of the practical information presented by the voice assistant will help them make their decision. But over time, voice assistants will invade the daily lives of consumers and their expectations of these objects will gradually grow, transforming voice assistants into real Voice assistants are part of the current movement where immediacy and orality have taken a preponderant place. In fact, consumers want to interact with the brand without an intermediary and immediately in order to immediately obtain the answer to their question/problem… This is called conversational commerce .

The phone call has therefore given way to SMS or even applications such as WhatsApp or Messenger, with which the customer can chat freely with the brand, as he would with his friends. But chatbots, or even local SEO sites (Google My Business, local Facebook, Tridpadvisor, etc.) also meet these needs for speed and ease. Because these tools are above all those of consumers before being those of brands and they meet THEIR needs and THEIR modes of consumption! Conversational commerce is many things, but above all it 's an unprecedented opportunity for brands to build high-value, personal relationships with consumers on a scale never seen before.
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