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Was the Sega Dreamcast even a real console? It seems like Sega said 'were going bankrupt, lets just scrap together a che

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Sega Dreamcast was very fine construction, with load of great games, and some innovative (for a time) ideas, like using of Internet, very helpful with games like Quake III or Unreal Tournament.. It sold very well for several first months on market.
So, why was dreamcast last sega’s console?

Because sega screwed too much things several years earlier. For example: they stick too hard to sega mega drive - at least US part of sega, Japan and USA Segas didn’t like each other - released 2 pricy hardware add-ons for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. CD and 32x. CD had some sense, but 32x was flop and pure waste of resources. Generally, 32X with small library of games and buffoned marketing department did just one thing - pushed away many dissapointed gamers from Sega.
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Second - Sega Saturn (Sega’s console before Dreamcast) was good - look at many 2D games, Saturn here was true powerhouse -, but had too complicated hardware architecture and many programmers didn’t have a abilities to use this architecture properly. So, new contender, Sony Playstation just swayed away all rivals from market. Cherry on top - Sega had a chance to cooperate with sony in making of saturn, but they didn’t use this chance. Additionally, they screwed up western released titles, so many great hits were just Japanese exclusives.

So, we have several years, when Sega had bleeding money and lose market share …. and initial success of Dreamcast was not enough profitable to float - Sega as hardware company just didn’t have enough profits. Later, PS2 (long awaited successor of most successful console on market) pushed dreamcast into shadow, and sega had to abandon console market.
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