Are NFTs beyond the ‘Just JPEG ‘ trend?

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Are NFTs beyond the ‘Just JPEG ‘ trend?

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When non-fungible tokens came into existence, people were fascinated by the idea of owning digital files on the blockchain, which is said to become the future of the internet soon. The adoption of NFTs by celebrities, digital artists, independent content creators and others paved the way for the NFT boom in 2021. There were critics stating NFTs as a bubble that would burst out any time soon. Yet, NFTs haven't stopped exploring their capabilities. They are now used for even registering land records and birth certificates. They are used in games in place of in-game assets to make them tradeable and also used in physical event ticketing. NFT games are something that is getting popular among gamers and getting a spotlight worldwide. These instances clearly indicate that NFTs are already beyond the just JPEG trend!
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