My ideas.

Anything pertaining the development of Eterspire (including ideas, bug reports, etc) goes here.
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My ideas.

Post by Seymouro »

Hello there! :) first of all i must say..VERY BIG CONGRATS FOR MAKING THIS GAME!! :) for sure is very very hard to make this game all alone!

i discover you game a day ago and i really enjoyed it ! :) i play a little time and i get level 39 yeah :D
game has a cool graphic in retro style and some of monsters name are really funny :) the idea of climbing the tower is great and bosses area really badass! i really into this game and cant wait to see more updates you make.

so there is my own ideas:
-minimap in village or even at tower (should be really heplful to find something for a new players )
-pvp in the spire tower! (im really pvp gamer so this idea is most important for me.pvp in tower should add more fun and the more exciting.imagine when you walking in the tower and meet another player moving towards you and you think "oh no..he will attack me or not? " :)
to be honest i dont think so that dark moors wil be often visited because people will be afraid of death and when pvp is on tower the will be no other options :) maybe some penalties when killing much weak players etc.dark moors is good idea but maybe for something like a tournament? with rewards like potions etc.also 3vs3 or 5vs5 arena should be good idea :)
thanks for reading this and..keep the good work! 8-) ps.english is not my native language so for every mistake im sorry and ashamed :lol:
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Re: My ideas.

Post by Lartu »

Thank you very much! It's hard to make games, yes! Haha, I'm glad you liked it!

Regarding your ideas:
- The minimap is a must. At least some kind of map. Maybe a map you can look at in a sign or something. But yes, that must be added. I'd also like to add an NPC that tells new players how to play, yes.
- I don't think PvP in the spire will be something helpful. I'm worried higher level characters will end up blocking the path for lower level characters in the spire that is like the main and only feature of the game! But yes, your point is very valid, as the dark moors are seldom used as far as I know. I should add some metrics to check this!
- Tournaments are an amazing idea! Also an arena that declares a winner! Maybe you could bet items and the winner takes them all! Yes! I'll take note of that.

Thank you very much for your ideas and your message!
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Re: My ideas.

Post by millicentgill »

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