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Post by Storm »

Game really feels good to play, I keep coming back even tho there is not much content. You really did a good job so far but I miss few small things that could make your game so much better.

1. Monster HP indicator: it's really annoying to chat because of battle log spam, maybe you should consider adding hp status to monster name like Spider (1/20HP)

2. Add npc command list (sell/heal/fix) to /help

4. Make gold dropable

3. Quest npc : create a really simple npc with a list of items like
Task 1: 50 Gold + 10x Bones + 1x Feather = 50 EXP, 2 Potions
Task 2: 50 Gold + 10x Eggs + 1x Feather = 75 EXP, 2 Potions

4. Monster hit indicator: now it doesn't feel like you really fight a monster, a simple name color change for a second would be nice or some kind of particle effect.
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Re: Ideas

Post by Lartu »

Thank you for your message! Let's see:

1. The monster HP indicator WILL be added. Yes. That along some indication of the damage you've done is something that's really important and will be added as soon as possible. It's, at least, in the roadmap (

2. This is not really possible. Every NPC has different commands that they understand. Some aren't even listed so you have to discover them by yourself! So listing every possible command for every possible NPC is not a thing that can really be done. That's why every NPC responds to the "help" command, telling you the basic things they can do.

4. It is dropable, is it not? O: It should be!

3. Could you explain this a little more in detail? It seems quite interesting and doable. I'm intrigued!

4 (again). Answered in 1. Indeed it's a must.

Great ideas! Thanks!
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Re: Ideas

Post by dominiccooper »

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