How to report a bug (read before reporting a bug!)

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How to report a bug (read before reporting a bug!)

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Hi there! Thank you for reading this! If you have found a bug in Eterspire (something that's broken or not working the way it should) please be so kind as to report it in these forums. My code sucks, so you'll probably find one bug or another. In any case, before reporting a bug please read this and follow this guide on how to report them.

:idea: How to Fill Useful Bug Reports :idea:

For a bug report to be useful it has to be reproducible. That means I must be able to do what you did to find the bug and fix it. Otherwise I won't know what's wrong. So if you found a bug, please create a post in this forum (not in this thread!) telling me what you were doing, with whom, when, where, etc. in detail. And of course, don't forget to tell me what happened and why you believe that's not what should happen.

Thank you!

PD: Screenshots and recordings help a lot!
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