GPU Crypto Mining Rig

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GPU Crypto Mining Rig

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As a result, Ethereum ASIC miners are not new. Some have impressive hash rates, while others don't. The Ethereum Ethash algorithm is claimed to provide 3,000 MH/s by the recently released Bitmain antminer e9 for sale . That's pretty amazing! especially when coupled with the estimated 2,550 watt power consumption. That gives you an estimated 1,176 KH/j, more than twice as much as the most efficient GPU mining equipment can produce. But wait a moment before reaching for your credit card. This has happened countless times before. Bitmain isn't completely coming with you.

The drawback of ASIC miners is that anyone can own one. It would be wonderful if you were able to obtain some of these and no one else could. However, Bitmain is a manufacturer of hardware and makes a healthy profit from that hardware. The chips used in rtx 3070 mining rig had a high development cost. Therefore, Bitmain would expect thousands of these units to make it worthwhile. The Ethereum network will experience a significant increase in hash power when that occurs. What follows is what the network does in response. Of course, that makes things harder. Additionally, increased difficulty results in lower rewards for a given hash power.

Therefore, mining Ethash will result in lower profits for you, and this is also true for anyone who recently purchased an antminer e9 3gh for sale for USD $20,000. Given that the network is attempting to preserve the block time, this will happen fairly quickly. You must feel pretty happy when you enter your numbers into and the results are as follows, right? Return in less than two months! It's unfortunate that won't happen. If the network is functioning properly, it will make sure that it doesn't.

No Flexibility

You can simply switch to a different coin if the profitable starts to decline, right? Wrong. The Ethash algorithm, unique to the Ethereum network, was used in the construction of this machine to mine Ethereum. There are other similar algorithms it could probably mine, like Etchash (Ethereum Classic), but that has a problem with warranty being void and moving the problem onto the Ethereum Classic network, so you will probably see developers making custom images and firmware for this miner in the future. Ethereum mining will essentially be stuck until Proof of Stake (PoS) replaces Proof of Work (POW) (POS). Your Antminer E9's value then might not be very high. You don't experience the same issue with a GPU mining rtx370 rig.

Resale Value

You currently own an Antminer E9, have taken full advantage of the Ethereum network, and are looking to sell it on eBay to another buyer. Maybe you'll quickly search to see how much they're currently selling for and how many listings there are. Be prepared to find hundreds of listings at deeply discounted prices. Inosilicon a6 , no one else will be able to profit from this miner if you can't. It is only worth what it can generate. In about two years, I wouldn't be surprised if I could buy antminer e9 for $1,000. I need someone to email me right now (May 2021).
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